Nurses decide to travel for many reasons. Assignments are temporary and typically have contract lengths of approximately 13 to 26 weeks. Nurses may choose to work around the area in which they reside (e.g., the metro area of a large city) or travel to various locations throughout the United States. Demand for travel nurses is typically high, as the shortage of qualified nurses continues to grow. You have the opportunity to determine when and where you work. There are basic requirements to become a travel nurse or allied health professional.  These requirements include:



An earned degree in nursing is required

 You must have an associate or bachelor's degree in nursing and become a registered nurse (RN). [registration or certification for allied health professionals] 


Pass the NCLEX exam [Nurses only]


The NCLEX-RN examination has a design to ensure all registered nurses in the U.S. possess the same knowledge of basic nursing fundamentals.


Earn experience as a Registered Nurse


Build expertise in labor and delivery, neonatal nursing, ICU, telemetry, emergency room, medical-surgical and operating room nursing. These areas usually have a high demand for qualified candidates. Travel nurses work in many roles in facilities, and diverse work experience helps you prepare for a career as a travel nurse. An RN with a wide array of experience may be a more attractive candidate for client facilities.  Allied health professionals should earn expertise in as many areas as possible (i.e. Diagnostic Imaging, Cat Scan, Interventional Radiology). 


Pursue continual learning


When you accrue experience by working in multiple facilities, you become a more attractive candidate for those facilities seeking contract nurses or allied health professionals. Your expertise will allow the staffing agency with which you work to place you in a variety of settings.  It will also give you more opportunity to accept the assignments that you really want.  Some positions will require certifications in specific areas (e.g. infusion, pediatric advanced life support)


Be prepared for fast-paced, self-directed environments


Travel nurses and allied health professionals may enter situations that are not ideal. Challenges might include managing more work with less direction in understaffed environments. Gaining this type of experience before you become a traveler is essential. If you have never worked in a Trauma service, it is not wise to attempt to do so as a travel nurse or radiographer.



Apply to Alliance Nurse Core Inc


Alliance Nurse Core Inc serves healthcare facilities all over the country. We have contractual relationships with hospitals, nursing homes, birthing facilities, and more. These facilities may be located in urban or rural communities. Nurses and allied health professionals who work with Alliance Nurse Core Inc might choose different facilities serving different populations in areas of the country in which they wish to work. We work with each individual to match them to the position and area they desire.


Complete the credentialing process


Our clients require that we screen, pre-qualify, and test each candidate before submitting the individual to fill a contract. The process will include skills tests, competency-based testing, background and drug screens, and more. Our staff will help you proceed efficiently through the process.



Completing these steps will allow you to travel anywhere and work in any environment you choose while earning top dollar for your efforts!  



How much does a travel nurse or allied professional make? 


Travel nurse compensation can range from $39 - $70 plus an hour. This rate may be paid in two ways.  First, the hourly rate may be "all inclusive".  Second, the hourly rate may be lower with total pay including a housing allowance, meal allowance, travel reimbursement, and a stipend.  Hourly pay rates are dependent on many things.  Pay rates can average twice what a nurse or allied health professional makes working for a single institution.  However, compensation usually excludes benefits such as health insurance and contributions to retirement savings. [Alliance Nurse Core Inc prefers to include all compensation in the hourly base rate; however, pay will be structured based on individual needs].